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What is Augmentin?

Augmentin is a trademark of an antibiotic called co-amoxiclav that is used to treat a wide range of diseases, from bronchitis to Lyme disease. This is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for children, often prescribed for ear infections.


Antibiotics act on the cell wall of bacteria that harm the body or prevent the growth of bacteria.

The drug is a combination of two active ingredients: amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. Together, drugs fight bacteria that are usually resistant to amoxicillin alone.

The antibiotic can also be used in animals. Ruminants, pigs, horses, dogs, cats and birds are often prescribed augmentin for various ailments.

Uses of Augmentin

Augmentin is usually taken orally in the form of tablets for adults and in liquid (often flavored) suspensions for young children. Doctors prescribe the drug so often because it acts against many types of pathogenic bacteria.

"When I travel, I always have a bit of Augmentin in my travel bag," because it works against so many common infections, ”said Dr. Alasdeir Geddes, Emeritus Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Birmingham in Singapore, who led one of the first Clinical Trials Augmentin.

Augmentin is one of the workhorses of the pediatric office, prescribed for ear infections that are resistant to amoxicillin alone, sore throat and some eye infections. The drug is also a powerful remedy for bacteria caused by bronchitis and tonsillitis (although many cases of tonsillitis are of viral origin).

In addition, the drug can fight pneumonia, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, and skin infections. According to a 2011 study in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacy, the drug is considered a good potential candidate for the treatment of Lyme disease, chlamydia, sinusitis, gastritis, and peptic ulcer disease.

Although Augmentin has not been proven safe during pregnancy, some studies show that it is unlikely to harm pregnant women or their fetuses, according to a 2004 study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Mayo Clinic also lists amoxicillin as a safe antibiotic for pregnancy. However, pregnant women should consult their doctors before taking the drug. The Food and Drug Administration has classified Augmentin as a Class B drug, which means there is no evidence of harm.

Side effects of Augmentin

The most common side effects for Augmentin are nausea, indigestion, gas, and diarrhea. This is largely because clavulanic acid can irritate the intestines, Geddes said. In addition, like other antibiotics, Augmentin kills a wide class of bacteria, so it can also kill the “good” bacteria that line the intestines and help digest food. Augmentin can also make people more prone to yeast infections - again, because it destroys good bacterial populations that usually inhibit yeast growth.

People who are allergic to penicillin-like drugs are often also allergic to augmentin because it contains amoxicillin. To test for this drug allergy, doctors can give a skin injection called PrePen. In some cases, an allergy to Augmentin can lead to anaphylaxis, a fatal allergic response that can cause narrowing of the airways, swelling of the lips and tongue, and a fatal drop in blood pressure.

"He belongs to the penicillin family, so allergies are common," says Dr. Warren Hammert, a surgeon at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.

Rarely, a drug can cause problems with the functioning of the liver, leading to yellowing of the skin called jaundice.

"In rare cases, this can cause colon disease and lead to serious long-term gastrointestinal upsets," Hammert said in an interview with Live Science.

Several isolated cases were also reported in which children reacted negatively to clavulanic acid in Augmentin. For example, 10 children who are negative for penicillin allergy went into hives after taking Augmentin, according to a 2008 study in the journal Allergologia and Immunopathologia.

History of Augmentin

People got their first powerful weapon in the war on bacteria in the 1920s. Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming grew bacteria when he noticed that mold growing in one of the Petri dishes killed the surrounding bacteria, according to the Nobel Prize website. After much work, he discovered that the active agent was what is now known as penicillin (named after the fungus, the penicillium that produces it).

Although penicillin worked wonders, it had some side effects and was not effective against all this amount of bacteria. So, in the 1950s, scientists at the Beecham research laboratory, created by the same company that produced Lucozade soft drinks and Brylcreem hair gel, began developing new antibiotics. Their strategy was simple and smart: they used the basic chemical structure of penicillin, but added various side chains to it, Geddes said.

One of their early successful drugs was amoxicillin, a close relative of penicillin. Both amoxicillin and other penicillins have a key molecular structure that helps kill bacteria: a chemical ring called beta-lactam. Beta-lactam rings bind to enzymes in the membranes of bacterial cells. These enzymes are responsible for the crosslinking of peptidoglycans, the building blocks used to form the bacterial cell wall. When drugs like amoxicillin shut off these membrane enzymes, they prevent bacteria from building up the cell wall, even when bacteria continue to break down their old cell wall. As a result, bacteria die.

Amoxicillin was seen as a breakthrough because it was absorbed better than earlier antibiotics, had fewer side effects of antibiotics such as methicillin, and seemed to work against a wide class of bacteria. However, he had one drawback: at least some resistant bacterial populations developed the ability to fight amoxicillin and other antibiotics by creating an enzyme called beta-lactamase, which essentially broke the beta-lactam ring and turned it off.

But in 1972, Beecham Research Laboratories discovered that some bacteria, called Streptomyces clavuligerus, produce a chemical analogue of penicillin, called clavulanic acid, as a by-product of its fermentation, according to an article published in 2007 in the International Journal of Microbial Agents. Like other antibiotics, it had a beta-lactam ring, but in itself did not kill bacteria very well.

However, in combination with amoxicillin, he created an excellent antibiotic. Clavulanic acid was the main bait: when bacteria sent their antibiotic beta-lactamase, it instead bound to clavulanic acid. After binding, clavulanic acid changed its shape and finally inactivated beta-lactamase. According to an article published in 1977 in the journal of the American Society of Microbiologists, clavulanic acid worked very well against several deadly bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Klebisella aerogens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

"It was indeed the first broad-spectrum oral antibiotic that was surprisingly free of side effects," Geddes said. "Once upon a time, Augmentin was the best-selling oral antibacterial drug in the world."


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