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Flagyl Generic belongs to a group of protozoal and antibiotic medicines used to combat a variety of infectious diseases. It is sold in the form of tablets, infusion and oral products, gels, creams. The drug is very effective, but watch for possible interactions and side effects that can become very serious.

General information

Flagyl belongs to the group of antiprotozoal and antibiotics used to treat infections. It is published as tablets, solution for infusion and oral administration, gel, cream.

It is necessary to take it strictly according to the desired goal and not stop the treatment right at the beginning of the recovery. This in no way means that you have recovered and eliminated the infection. With infrequent consumption, disregard of dosage and therapeutic regimen, you will only be able to get the bacteria used to the drug, and it will be much harder to get rid of.

No less important is the question: does Flagyl always help? It does not affect vaginal fungal infections or influenza, acute respiratory viral infections and colds.

Flagil is effective against anaerobic bacteria that cause various infections. It is prescribed for the prevention of infections after abdominal surgery and female reproductive organs.

Precautions of Flagyl

It may be prescribed with caution in kidney and liver dysfunction. You should not consume alcohol while taking this medicine, as this medicine may cause disgust in alcoholic beverages.

Flagyl quickly penetrates the blood of the fetus. Experiments in rats have shown that high doses (up to five times higher than those normally given to humans) do no harm to the fetus. The fetus died in a single study after intraperitoneal administration to pregnant pregnant laboratory mice, but it is unclear exactly how this is related to the use of the drug. However, since no thorough and well controlled studies on this substance have been conducted in pregnant women and the results of animal testing do not always provide a clear picture of how pills will affect a person, they are prescribed to the pregnant woman only in the following cases: urgent cases. For example, it is used to treat trichomoniasis during pregnancy when other medications have been ineffective.

In the breastmilk of a woman taking this remedy, it is contained in approximately the same concentration as in the blood plasma. Therefore, the breastfeeding woman and her doctor must make a decision: to refuse breastfeeding or to choose another medicine.

If the liver of an elderly person is compromised, it may cause the drug to be eliminated from the body too slowly and exacerbate the side effects. The efficacy and safety of the Flagyl regimen in children has been demonstrated only in amebiasis. Patients are advised to refrain from drinking alcohol while taking the medicine and at least two days after the end of treatment.

In some cases, the agent may adversely affect the concentration and rate of reaction. For this reason, patients should not drive or work with equipment for at least 24 hours after starting to take this medicine. In the meantime, the patient can understand the influence of the drug on the body.

Dosage of Flagyl

The exact dose depends on the patient's diagnosis, general health and a number of other factors. It is better to drink a glass of water or milk. It can also be taken with meals - plenty of fluids and food can help prevent indigestion. Antibiotics are more effective when the level of active ingredients in the body is constant. It is therefore very important to take the medication at regular intervals.

Take the medicine as long as the doctor tells you, even if the symptoms of the infection disappear after a few days. If you stop taking it too soon, the bacteria can multiply again, which can lead to relapses and antibiotic resistance.

Tell your doctor if you do not see any relief within a few days of starting treatment or if the symptoms of the infection get worse.

How do I take?

While taking the drug, it is important not to interrupt the program and bring the course to its logical conclusion. With the calendar almost everything is clear, it is necessary to form a certain concentration of the drug in the blood, in order to achieve its effective influence on pathogens. As it is gradually excreted into the body by the kidneys and liver, the patient must take a certain dose daily throughout the duration of treatment to maintain the level of the drug.

Why can not you leave the course halfway?

The patient feels the first improvement, the disturbed symptoms disappear. Assuming that a complete cure has occurred, the patient believes that the pills can no longer be taken.

The advice of others says that it is not necessary to study chemistry because everything is alright. A long list of side effects no longer results in the desire to use antibiotics. The problem, however, is that not all pathogenic bacteria have been destroyed. Some remained in the form of cysts and other protected forms. Once the antibiotic is removed from the body, they begin to multiply. And this time they will resist the antibiotic they already know.

Side effects of Flagyl

Adverse effects are due to improper use or use of the medicine. After research and reviews, it may have the following side effects:

  • Stromatitis;
  • acedia;
  • increased affectability;
  • asthenia;
  • glossit;
  • metallic taste in the mouth;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • Hives;
  • Itching;
  • cystitis;
  • stuffy nose;
  • Fervor;
  • Monilylase;
  • cramps
  • hallucinations;
  • the head;
  • Loss of coordination.


An overdose of medication is dangerous to human health and can have serious consequences. So you need to know what to do in case of poisoning.

Poisoning often leads to many unpredictable consequences that make it difficult for the body to recover. Particularly dangerous poisoning is considered when drugs play a key role in their appearance.

It seems that the drug that only improves your health can not be harmful, but in practice everything is completely different. More and more people are overshooting the permissible dose of a particular substance, which means that the disease does not enter the healing phase, but is accompanied by new, unpleasant symptoms.

The antibiotic is available in many forms at the same time, but drug poisoning is associated with overdosage of the tablets when given orally. Suppositories and other forms of medication can not hit the body as hard as tablets, as it is important to use them with caution.

Since the substance quickly spreads to all body systems, poisoning is dangerous for humans. It takes about eight hours to get rid of the drug's decay products, and the effects can be most dreadful during this period. It is only possible to eliminate the unpleasant effects of physical worship if overdose symptoms are recognized quickly. An overdose of this remedy lasts for a long time and, when used regularly, occurs in large quantities, reactions of all systems of the human body can occur and the manifestation of this disease will be extremely unpleasant.

That's why it's so important to protect yourself and your loved ones from the abuse or accidental ingestion of high doses of antibiotics without the rigorous testimony of a specialist.

The food organs react immediately after taking a large number of tablets, and the signs of poisoning can be:

  • increased nausea, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Feeling of heaviness;
  • Changes in taste perception;
  • Inflammation of the tongue and gums;
  • regular regurgitation with unpleasant taste;
  • the appearance of a characteristic plaque in the tongue;
  • significant loss of appetite;
  • With the aggravation of the disease can occur diseases such as pancreatitis, hepatitis and jaundice.

An overdose of antibiotics is associated with a slight increase in heart rate, which is often difficult to detect yourself. Only a doctor can diagnose this symptom with special devices. At the same time, the patient feels discomfort in the muscles of the whole body and extremities. In order to significantly reduce the poisoning effects even if the amount of substance is exceeded, it is necessary to provide first aid as soon as possible. It is important to have a team of specialists who are the only ones who can determine the severity of the disease and prescribe the patient's subsequent medical interview.

You need to wash the stomach with plenty of warm water. In this case, the stomach must be rinsed until the contents are completely deflated and the source of infection no longer leaves the human body.

Then, the patient must take absorbents that block the action of the toxin on the body and contribute to its elimination. You can use activated charcoal or smecta, which must be used in full compliance with the requirements.

The last step in patient care is the restoration of the body's water balance.

Medicinal overdose medicines should only be administered under the supervision of a physician. This guarantees the immediate release of unpleasant signs of illness and the return to normal life.


Flagyl and metronidazole are most commonly used in tablet form. In the case of tuberculosis, the use of these medicines is not recommended in patients under the age of 18 years with gastrointestinal or liver disease. When treating diabetics, you must consider the presence of sucrose in the preparations. There are certain peculiarities that affect the ability to drive complex and potentially dangerous machinery or vehicles.

For the treatment of gastritis, 1 tablet of each active ingredient is administered orally three times daily for 12 days. For the medical maintenance of tuberculosis, the duration of the course is extended to an average of 6 months as an additional measure. In kidney disease, the dosage is reduced. The daily dose should not exceed 2 grams of each of the medications. Amoxicillin should be taken before meals and metronidazole - after meals. You must drink tablets with water or milk.

Interaction of alcohol

It is forbidden to drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before and after feeding, as there are many side effects with the oxidation of ethanol.

Comments for Flagyl

Jane (34): It's an effective budget with many side effects.

Tad (30): It's a tablet with a dime of action. Well, you have to be very careful when you take it.

Fred (47): It really helps with gastrointestinal problems and gastritis, but is not perfect because of side effects.


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