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Strattera is an effective drug for the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) pharmacotherapy. Patients can buy Strattera to relieve symptoms of ADHD and comorbid conditions (depression, enuresis) in children and adults.

Strattera is one of the best selling drugs for the treatment of ADHD. The reason for the great popularity is that:

  • This medicine is very effective.
  • The clinical effect of Strattera is observed from the first days of its application.
  • This drug promotes self-esteem and social adaptation after the end of treatment;
  • Strattera alleviates the symptoms of hyperactivity-related illnesses such as destructive behavior, tics and anxiety disorders.

Strattera acts on the noradrenergic system of the brain and thus contributes to the effective relief of ADHD symptoms. Strattera has a more favorable influence on the cognitive functions than psychostimulants of other pharmacological groups.

Strattera is a centrally acting sympathomimetic and cerebral metabolism activator. Strattera contains the active substance atomoxetine, which:

  • Improvement of cognitive functions (attention, memorizing, thinking speed)
  • Reduces impulsivity and relieves the symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.

Strattera is only prescribed if cognitive and behavioral problems can not be overcome with the help of non-drug treatments for ADHD - psychotherapy, behavioral correction and others.

The manufacturer of Strattera is Eli Lilly. This drug is designed to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and comorbid conditions and is available in two dosage forms.

    Oral solution of 4 mg / ml; 10 mg, 18 mg, 25 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg and 100 mg hard capsules.

Strattera's two dosage forms can be found in urban pharmacy chains or in online pharmacies. To buy Strattera at a regular pharmacy, you need a doctor's prescription from a psychiatrist or psychologist with a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD. Patients can purchase Strattera online to save time for a medical exam and obtaining a prescription.

The oral solution should be used in children with dysphagia. To facilitate the dosing of the solution, the sympathomimetic-containing pack contains a special syringe. The dosages of Strattera oral solution and Strattera capsules are no different.

Dosing schedule in children and adolescents equal to body weight:

  1. less than 70 kg: The initial daily dose is 0.5 mg per kg of weight and the dose may be increased to 1.2 mg / kg after 3 days.
  2. more than 70 kg: The initial daily dose is 40 mg, with a possible increase in the dose to 80 mg - after 3 days and to 120 mg - after 4 weeks.

During the treatment period of ADHD, the treating physician should regularly check the appropriateness of subsequent sympathomimetic use. The total duration of treatment with Strattera should not exceed 2 years.

Strattera benefits:

  • improves the parameters of psychosocial activity
  • does not require a gradual dose reduction at the end of treatment
  • Does not affect cardiac activity
  • no cholinergic effect (contraction of the tracheal and bronchial muscles, narrowing of the blood vessels, etc.)

Eli Lilly Company, the manufacturer of this drug for the treatment of ADHD, offers the unique opportunity to buy Strattera at a reduced price. With the help of the savings card, every patient without health insurance can buy Strattera at a low price for one year.

The manufacturer sells Strattera at reduced prices only in North America. At the same time, this drug is not available for the treatment of ADHD in many countries. As a result, residents of these countries are forced to order Strattera online in the Singapore or Malaysia.

In May 2017, the patent expires from Strattera. For example, pharmaceutical companies that already have FDA approval for generic Strattera will distribute them in the United States by the end of 2017. Strattera's US approved supplier list includes several pharmaceutical companies, including Actavis, Inc. Teva, Glenmark, and others.

What is this medicine for?

Atomoxetine (also called Strattera®) is used primarily to treat symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is available as capsules and liquid (4 mg in 1 ml). ADHD can easily distract you, not quit, have problems, have traffic accidents and have relationship problems.

What is the usual dose of this medicine?

The usual adult dose of atomoxetine is about 80 mg daily, but may be higher in some people.

How and when should I take the medicine?

Swallow the capsules while sitting or standing with at least half a glass of water. This is to make sure that they reach the stomach and do not get stuck in the throat. For the liquid, read the package leaflet that came with the bottle and explain how to use the oral syringe.

Take your atomoxetine as indicated on the label of the medicine. Try to take it every day at normal times. If you take it with meals, you will find it easier to remember, as it is better to take it with the food. If it is stated on the label that it should only be taken once a day, it is generally better in the morning. If the label says twice a day, take it in the morning and then at the end of the day or in the early evening.

What are the alternatives to this drug?

There are many other medications (eg methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine), talk therapies and ADHD treatments. Consult our "practice table" to compare medications, how they work and what side effects they have.

How long does it take for the medicine to work?

It usually takes about 1 to 4 weeks for ADHD to set in, and 3 months for full functioning.

How long should I take this medicine?

Normally you will need to take atomoxetine for several years. You should talk to your doctor every year or so. Please consult our "Practical Tables" for more help and advice.

Can I simply stop taking this medicine?

It is not recommended to stop taking it suddenly, even if you feel good. Your ADHD symptoms may recur if the treatment ends too soon. This can happen several weeks or even months after discontinuing Atomoxetine. When the time comes, you must remove Atomoxetine by gradually reducing the dose over several weeks. You should discuss this in detail with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

What should I do if I forget to take a dose or an overdose?

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember, except within 4 to 6 hours of your next dose. If you remember, take the next dose normally. Do not try to take two doses at the same time as this may cause other side effects. If you have trouble remembering your doses (like many others), contact your pharmacist, doctor or nurse. Some special packs can be used to help you.

Can I drink alcohol while taking this medicine?

You should not have problems with an occasional alcohol.

Does this medicine affect my other medications, including birth control pills?

Atomoxetine has some interactions with other drugs:

  • Atomoxetine should not be used with MAO (a type of antidepressant).
  • Other antidepressants such as imipramine, venlafaxine and mirtazapine should be used with caution.
  • Detoxifying agents such as pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine (commonly used in cold remedies) that can be bought over the counter should not be taken without consulting your pharmacist or doctor.
  • Atomoxetine may interact with salbutamol tablets (in asthma), but not usually with salbutamol inhalers.
  • Atomoxetine can increase blood pressure. Therefore, other medicines that increase blood pressure should be taken with caution.
  • You should not have any problems with "birth control pills" and atomoxetine.

All these interactions do not occur in everyone. Some of these medicines can still be used together, but you must follow your doctor's instructions exactly. There are many other possible drug interactions.

Do I need blood tests?

While taking Atomoxetine you should not need a blood test. Your blood pressure and heart rate should be checked before initiating atomoxetine treatment. They should also be checked every six months and after each dose change.

Can I drive or ride this medicine?

Taking Atomoxetine may initially cause a slight dizziness. Driving and using machines is prohibited until they are gone or you know how Atomoxetine affects you. Atomoxetine can help you concentrate, and you're less likely to have an accident if you take your Atomoxetine regularly.


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